Aide is a conversational agent that employs AI to highlight strategies used in mis- and disinformation.

Aide is part of an ongoing project that I lead at the Transformative Learning Technologies Lab based at Columbia University. Aide is a react.js application that makes use of OpenAI's node.js package. User inputs are stored as variables that are passed as part of custom-made prompts. These prompts are then sent as requests to Open AI's API, which uses GPT-3 models to generate human-like text. GPT-3 is a pre-trained language model built upon 499 billion tokens extracted from the web (Dale, 2021).

My role in this project: besides conceiving, designing, and developing the initial prototype, I am currently leading a team of 6 junior reesearchers involved in research to assess Aide's effectiveness as a learning tool as well as its UX and UI. During Fall 2022, we worked to devise a study with 11 participants who tested the tool and underwent task-oriented interviews.

The design process involved user interview, low-fidelity prototyping, and an intensive, fast-paced learning journey of the intricacies of React.js. Below are some images that illustrate the initial stage of development, going from the initial idea of producing a game-like experience to the refined, working prototype of an AI-based conversational agent.

image: super low-fi prototype

image: low-fi prototype using Google Slides

image: working prorotype developed with Figma

Click here to view the prototype. Here and here are conference papers associated with this project.