As a researcher, student, and educator, my focus is on how people construct knowledge, especially in relation with mis- and disinformation. I employ quantitative and qualitative methods to understand how people learn and to develop meaningful learning experiences.

I am currently a research assistant working at the Transformative Learning Technologies Lab based at Columbia University. There, my advisor and I co-lead a team of researchers working on research investigating learning processes at play when people consume and spread misinformation. We are currently conducting user/learning tests to understand how designed digital artifacts might affect individuals' ability to identify strategies used in disinformation and their own mental models about current events.

Prior to Columbia, I earned my Master's degree at Stanford University Graduate School of Education. My educational background also includes formal training in design thinking at HPI (Potsdam, Germany); a Business Communication degree, and a BA in Communication.

As a professional in Education, my experiences include coordinating teams developing online learning experiences for K-12 teachers; leading curricula redesign for pre-service teacher education; and systematization of classroom practices. Before entering the domain of formal education, I started two ventures--one of which is now an edtech--and worked for several years as a service design and design thinking consultant. Oh, I am also the father of an incredibly cute toddler.

Do get in touch! You'll find me at rfr2126 at

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